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A business & consumer media & information company with a worldwide audience. Hay International strongly focuses on delivering the best in information & services.

At Hay International we strongly focus on delivering the best quality of brands, digital products & services which makes us to be a trusted source to your clients & consumers.

“We encourage you to get to know Hay International.”

Hay International is a privately owned business-to-business & business-to-consumer company who has been established on strong ethics& top integrity.  We have a strong passion for what we do that brings out the strength in our innovations, looking-forward & entrepreneurship.

So, upon creating & delivering our top quality brands, digital products & business services to the business & consumer markets we are strongly committed in building continual value to all who we serve.

Our loyal customers are the company’s lifeblood.  We are dedicated to building lasting relationships with them and to understanding & meeting their needs again, with high-quality products, brands & services that will truly amaze them.

We value the good reputation of our company, its brands, its digital products, its services, and its people.  Our reputation always strongly matters to us in everything we say & do.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to get to know a little bit about Hay International.  We look forward in delivering the best to you today & in the future to come.

May great health, happiness & success always be within & with you!


Daniel Hay

Founder & CEO

Advertising Sale

Advertising Sale

Our mission

For our publications, we will always strive to deliver quality material for our readers.  And for our SEO Services & Media/Web Marketing division to give great service all around to help your online business or personal online venture to excel.

Core goals

Always to have quality help.
Deliver quality services & products.
Always offer affordable pricing.
Maintain our solid reputation of quality.
To see that our clients never have a bad experience as an end result.

Our experience

Niche Pulishing - 10+ years
Web development - 7 years
Marketing & PR - 5 years
Link Indexing - 6 years
Backlinks - 6 years
Content Writing - 10+ years
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